What’s in a Name?

Wild Wonder Photography is essentially a combination of two of my favorite childhood stories, Where the Wild Things Are and Alice in Wonderland. Both are timeless, classic, and held dear in our hearts.  Alice never gets old, she has been recast in a million different ways with countless interpretations, but no matter what retains a sense of adventure and discovery.  Similarly, Max takes many forms but all are fearless and brave.  

Wild Wonder is also what I’ve named my favorite emotion, the feeling at the beginning of a journey whether the start of vacation, first day of school break, arriving in a new city; a sense of wild unknowing signaling adventure ahead. It’s the same feeling I imagine felt by Lucy when passing through the wardrobe, Bilbo when leaving the Shire, or Harry upon discovering magic. Knowing in your gut that, despite the butterflies, you are on the right path even if you have no idea where it will lead. 

There’s no bigger adventure than choosing who to love for the rest of your life.  I was lucky to discover my husband in the city that was meant to be our home.  However, in the years after our wedding and before starting my business I felt stuck, like something was missing, like I was destined for more. Time was passing by and I wasn’t fulfilling my purpose. 

It was hard because I wasn’t dissatisfied with my job, I loved my work.  For the past decade I’ve worked in some form or fashion within the creative fields but in an administrative capacity, teaching artists and creatives how to follow their dreams and build their business. I volunteered in my community. I assisted social entrepreneurs with solving community issues. Throughout my life I’ve enjoyed being a coach, teacher, and mentor but I realized that in helping others follow their dreams I had been ignoring my own.  

So I took some time to be still, to listen to my heart, and search for an inner compass to find my true north. What I realized is that I am happiest when taking photographs, documenting life, emotions, and moments in a way that will last forever.  So I took a year to learn, to seriously study and explore photography. I spent every free minute absorbing, reading, experimenting, taking classes, courses, and workshops.  I traveled across the country to both photograph events and learn from the people whose work inspires me. I encountered some of the best folks in the photography business and they helped me through my growing pains. It was one of the most busy, scary, and challenging years of my life. It was also one of the most fulfilling. 

The day I recognized that I had stopped taking pictures and was now creating art filled my heart with what I can only describe as wild wonder. I knew I had discovered my true path and I finally felt brave. 

So here is my fearless declaration. I am an artist and storyteller. This is my incredible adventure and it’s about documenting yours.  

Let’s discover your wild wonder together.